To access the challenge data, please first register on this website and submit the data agreement.

[31 May, 2022] Training data has been released. The training data include the CMR images, quality label and mannual segmentations.

[2 July, 2022] Validation data has been released. The validation data include the CMR images. The results can be evaluated from 6 July, 2022.

Please follow the instructions on Synapse to download the data.

You are free to use and/or refer to the CMRxMotion challenge and datasets in your own research after the embargo period (Dec 2022), provided that you cite the following manuscripts:

[1] Wang S, Qin C, Wang C, Wang K, Wang H, Chen C, et al. “The Extreme Cardiac MRI Analysis Challenge under Respiratory Motion (CMRxMotion)”. arXiv preprint arXIv: 2210.06385 (2022)