To access the challenge data, please first register on this website and submit the data agreement.

[31 May, 2022] Training data has been released. The training data include the CMR images, quality label and mannual segmentations.

[2 July, 2022] Validation data has been released. The validation data include the CMR images. The results can be evaluated from 6 July, 2022.

Please follow the instructions on Synapse to download the data.

Please note that the current challenge is temporarily suspending submissions. If you have already registered your team on Synapse (by clicking ‘Click Here to Register‘ button using a certified Synapse user), registered on this website, and submitted your data access agreement but have been waiting for a long time without approval, kindly send us an email to remind us. (

You are free to use and/or refer to the CMRxMotion challenge and datasets in your own research after the embargo period (Dec 2022), provided that you cite the following manuscripts:

[1] Wang S, Qin C, Wang C, Wang K, Wang H, Chen C, et al. “The Extreme Cardiac MRI Analysis Challenge under Respiratory Motion (CMRxMotion)”. arXiv preprint arXIv: 2210.06385 (2022)