Challenge submission

Testing Phase: Docker submission system for the testing validation will be available on our platform from 15 August 2022.

Validation Phase: Evaluation of the public validation dataset will be available on Synapse Platform from 6 July, 2022.

Test Phase: Participating teams should send their final models to organizers in docker container format for the evaluation on test dataset. The top winners will be determined based on the ranking and invited for oral presentations. The final results and prizes will be announced on the STACOM workshop day.

STACOM workshop paper

Participants are invited to submit an 8 pages manuscript describing the algorithm and results of training and validation phase for consideration in MICCAI STACOM workshop 2022. Accepted challenge papers will be published in a Lecture Notes in Computer Science proceeding published by Springer (see previous STACOM proceedings).

General rules for the paper submission:

  1. Please Follow the LNCS template from Springer for your manuscript. Initial submission must be anonymised and limited to 8 pages (text, tables, and figures) + up to 2 pages for references.
  2. All papers will undergo a peer review process. Submit your paper through the Springer submission system ( and make sure you choose the “CMRxMotion” category.
  3. A paper placeholder must be submited before 15 July 2022. The manuscript can be updated before the official deadline (TBC).
  4. Please note that your manuscript will be considered for publication only if you successfully submit the docker container.